Customer and its representatives shall not:

  1. Breach or attempt to breach the security at a Data Center Facility;
  2. Misuse or abuse or otherwise interfere with any property or equipment of 3RT Networks (“3RT”), LLC, WIN, LLC (“WIN”), 3RT’s or WIN’s other customers, or another third-party;
  3. Harass any individual, including representatives of 3RT or WIN and of other 3RT or WIN customers, or third-parties;
  4. Engage in any activity that is in violation of the law or aids or assists any criminal activity;
  5. Permit any explosive, flammable, corrosive, combustible, or finely ground material or any hazardous or toxic materials to be located in or about the Data Center Facility; or
  6. Bring food or beverages (including sealed containers) of any kind into the Data Center Facility.
  7. Bring liquid of any type (including sealed containers) into the Data Center Facility.
  8. Bring tobacco products, alcohol, illegal drugs, or other intoxicants into the Data Center Facility.
  9. Bring magnetic or electromagnetic devices which could reasonably interfere with computer and telecommunications equipment, or photographic or recording equipment of any kind into the Data Center Facility.
  10. Engage in any unpacking activities within the Data Center Facility — absolutely no cardboard, plastic, packing peanuts, paper wrap, wood or other such materials are allowed in the Data Center Facility.
  11. Wear any open-toe footwear while in the Data Center.
  12. String network cables or power cords along the floor creating a trip hazard.
  13. Violate any rules and regulations posted at the Data Center Facility.

These Colocation Rules and Regulations may be revised from time to time by 3RT in its sole discretion.

Last Modified: November 15, 2019