About Us

Our mission is clear: we strive to provide expert-level technology, with outstanding customer service in a rewarding, growth-oriented culture.

We recognize that establishing relationships yields the best results. That’s why at 3RT Networks, our focus is you – the customer. Small or large business, we want to partner with you. We know that to provide best-practice and implementation solutions, it is essential that we understand your organizational challenges and objectives. Our experience with increasing productivity and profitability has resulted in a diversified customer base, including: construction, banking, government, healthcare, and manufacturing industries, along with K12 -higher education.

We continue to offer extensive technical skills, problem-solving techniques, and customer service, but our portfolio has expanded. 3RT Networks’ industry-leading partners have empowered our team to design and implement agile solutions that deliver reliable and secure results. We specialize in cloud, enterprise networking, wireless, collaboration, and cyber security technology.

We offer a variety of service options, including co-location, off-site backup, virtual CIO, and managed storage. Our team can also provide cyber security, network, storage, virtualization, and wireless assessments.

Looking for a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and reliable partner to optimize your organization’s technology? Look no further. Contact us today to see what our team at 3RT can do for your business.

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