Cisco® SD-WAN is a cloud-delivered overlay WAN architecture that enables digital and cloud transformation for enterprises. It helps ensure a predictable user experience for applications and provides a seamless multicloud architecture while integrating robust best-in-class security, all with a hugely simplified operational experience and rich analytics. The SD-WAN architecture comprises major building blocks in overlay, cloud, and security


Encompasses all elements of building and managing an SD-WAN overlay for various business needs. This includes centralized management, analytics, application policies, routing and interface supportability, and more.


Comprises those elements that enable the enterprise to manage connectivity, workflows, and performance for multicloud connectivity. SDWAN becomes critical to seamlessly extend enterprise workloads to public and private clouds and SaaS.


Comprises the comprehensive security framework needed for threat protection and compliance. This includes firewalls, IPS, URL filtering, and DNS-layer security, as well as networking components such as encryption, segmentation, and authentication.

“Cisco SDWAN Security At a Glance pdf” – Download

Cisco SD-WAN powered by Meraki allows organizations the quickest and easiest way to significantly reduce their total WAN costs whilst satisfying the increased bandwidth demands of today’s modern branch sites. Network admins can simply define which WAN link an application should use, or set up rules for which link should be used based on performance. Organizations can take advantage of the increased reliability of low-cost WAN links such as broadband and fiber to provide additional bandwidth at branch sites at a fraction of the cost. Industry-leading security and SD-WAN is delivered by a powerful all-in-one hardware appliance – the Meraki MX

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