Meeting the Evolving IT Needs of Construction Firms

Technology is an essential part of today’s construction firms. At 3RT Networks, we partner with construction companies to improve their technology, increasing customer service and profitability. Our offerings include:


Construction companies, like most firms, have client data that’s desirable to bad actors. We can help you protect your data and your reputation with a layered approach that includes next-generation firewalls and enhanced web and email security.

Data Center

Construction firms rely on apps for every aspect of their business, from bidding to completion as well as managing employee schedules. Your data center needs to be up to the task. We partner with you to design a data center that includes cloud, hardware and software solutions that are up to the task.

Data Protection

Your documentation is one of your most important assets. We can ensure you have onsite and offsite backups so you can bounce back from a disaster, including cloud backup and recovery and cloud server replication.

Smart Security Cameras

Our security experts can design and implement smart cameras to ensure your physical assets are as secure as your digital ones.

Enterprise Networking

Your technology is only as good as your network. A sluggish or unreliable network costs time and money. We partner with construction companies to implement first-rate solutions that will meet your technology needs now and in the future.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud technology provides your firm with agility and cost savings. We offer three primary service models: Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service. Our experienced engineers can help you determine which service model is best for you and help you with the transition.


Construction teams are often in different locations, so reliable collaboration tools are essential. 3RT can help you implement collaboration tools that are secure and reliable whether you’re conducting an employee meeting or discussing a proposal with a client.

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