Meeting the IT Needs of
Long-Term Care Facilities

Long-term care facilities rely on technology for patient care. Technology is essential to keeping patients safe, keeping staff informed and connecting residents with loved ones. While the exact needs vary depending on the type of long-term care facility, there are some common needs that 3RT Networks can support.

Electronic Medical Records

Electronic medical records make it easier to manage information, especially for residents coming to the facility after a recent hospital stay. Of course, that data needs to be protected. At 3RT, our cybersecurity experts can help you assess your current security stance and take steps to ensure personal data is protected. We can also help you develop a data protection plan so if the worst occurs, you can recover your data.


Free collaborative tools have their limitations, especially when it comes to security. A secure collaboration tool can ensure staff meetings and calls are secure and that residents can receive telehealth care in a secure setting. A good collaboration tool can also help residents better see and hear their loved ones if they do remote visits. At 3RT Networks, we can help you transition to a collaborative solution that meets your security and communication needs.

Wireless Data

Being tethered to a wired workstation is tedious for staff. It also creates a tripping hazard for residents. A robust wireless network keeps staff and residents connected. Residents may enjoy talking to loved ones or checking email from a phone or tablet. To do that, your facility needs a reliable, fast wireless network. We can work with you to implement a network that meets your facility’s needs now and in the future.

Patient Care

Your first priority is the health and safety of your patients. Activity monitors, bed alarms and security cameras placed in appropriate locations can allow your staff to monitor patients and your facility more efficiently. At 3RT, we can install smart, unintrusive security cameras that your staff can use to ensure staff and patient safety.

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