Meeting the IT Needs of
Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations often operate with tight budgets. Technology can help you further your mission and work more efficiently. While technology is an investment, the rewards often outweigh the costs. Let’s take a closer look at the IT needs of nonprofit organizations.

Up-to-Date Networks

Your non-profit is only as connected as your network. Whether it serves staff or clients, your network needs to be reliable and agile enough to grow with your organization. At 3RT Networks, we can evaluate your current network and help you develop a plan for getting it up-to-date.


Nonprofits are targets for cybercriminals. Why? They have sensitive personal information about clients and donors but often haven’t invested in cybersecurity. Our experienced engineers can help you implement a cybersecurity plan that incorporates NextGen firewalls, endpoint security and more.

For many nonprofits, physical security is also a concern. We can assist with implementing smart security cameras. These cameras are unintrusive, allow for secure remote access and can be managed from a central dashboard.


Secure collaboration solutions are a requirement for nonprofit organizations. You may be discussing sensitive information at board meetings or connecting with clients. Free collaboration tools may lack in security and reliability. We can help you implement a solution that’s user-friendly, allows for file-sharing and keeps your organization connected, all within a secure environment.


Every nonprofit needs to have a recovery plan. Recovering your data should be a critical part of that plan. At a minimum, you should have at least two separate backups, with at least one offsite. We can help you develop a recovery plan so your organization can bounce back.

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