Meeting Healthcare’s IT Needs

From treating patients to managing patient information, technology is woven into the fabric of healthcare. To support your patients and staff, you need a robust reliable network, collaborative tools and next-generation security. 3RT Networks can help you meet these essential needs.


Your network is the foundation of everything you do. It needs to be equipped to handle the increasing number of endpoints, reliable enough that you can depend on it for essential equipment and fast enough to handle your data needs. At 3RT Networks, we’ve been implementing routers and switches since the days of dial-up. We can assess your current network configuration and work with you to develop a plan to improve its performance and reliability.


Healthcare facilities must be able to recover in the event of a disaster. Having a recovery plan for your data is essential. You should have at least two backups, and at least one of those should be offsite. We can work with you to develop a disaster recovery plan for your IT to ensure you can recover from a worst-case scenario.


Healthcare practices can be targets of cybercriminals. It’s essential to have a layered approach to cybersecurity, including next-generation firewalls, web and email security, access control and endpoint security. We can assist you with assessing your current security stance and putting a plan in place to improve it.



Secure collaborative tools are essential for healthcare practices. You need to be able to communicate while remaining compliant. We can help you implement collaboration solutions that meet your needs without compromising on security.

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