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K-12 schools, trade schools, colleges and universities all rely on technology to deliver essential services. It keeps students and teachers connected, simplifies staff development and collaboration and allows students to take advantage of engaging educational apps. Keeping IT up to date while maintaining these services can be a challenge. Learn how 3RT Networks can help.


A fast and reliable wireless network is essential to everything you do. It allows students to access school resources to complete assignments and teachers and professors to plan lessons efficiently. It needs to be able to handle an increasing number of endpoints without compromising on speed. At 3RT Networks, we can assess your current network infrastructure and help you find cost-effective ways to update your network so it’s prepared to meet the needs of teachers and students today and tomorrow.


Schools need collaboration solutions that are secure, easy to manage and allow for file-sharing, chatting and whiteboards while integrating with essential applications. We can help you migrate to a solution that has tools to keep your students and staff secure.


Schools and universities are increasingly popular targets for cybercriminals. Schools have student and family personal data, along with data for staff members. They may also be connected to local or state government sites. At 3RT Networks, we can help you assess your current security stance and develop a multi-layered approach to keeping your school secure, including NextGen firewalls, web and email security and more. Our experienced team can also assist you with migrating to the cloud.

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