Meeting the IT Needs of Pharmacies

Technology plays an essential role in today’s pharmacies. It ensures critical information is protected and that you have the inventory you need to serve your patients. 3RT Networks can help you meet these essential needs.

POS System

Your point-of-sale (POS) system needs to work reliably. If your internet isn’t up to speed or reliable, it’s a source of frustration for you and your customers. At 3RT, we can help you assess your current infrastructure and develop a plan to get it up to date.

Managing Patient Information

Pharmacies hold sensitive patient information. It’s critical to keep that information, and your overall system, protected. We can help you assess your current security stance and incorporate a layered approach to cybersecurity, including next-generation firewalls and email and web security.

We can assist you with developing a plan for ensuring your patient information can be restored in the event of a disaster. Ideally, your pharmacy should have at least two separate backups, with at least one offsite.


Pharmacies are using automation to assist with dispensing and managing medications and controlling inventory. Supporting automation involves many of 3RT Network’s specialties, including networking and cybersecurity.


Physical security is also important for pharmacies. Smart security cameras use cloud-based technology to ensure you and your staff can access video locally or remotely. You can manage the cameras centrally, encrypt the recordings, and choose a camera style that makes sense for your location

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