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Part of the Meraki MR Family

Cisco Meraki access points are part of the Meraki MR series, which delivers cloud-managed WLAN to businesses of all sizes. Meraki MR devices offer scalable, enterprise-grade wireless technology to businesses of all sizes. And because they’re fully cloud-managed, Meraki access points deliver unmatched visibility and seamless multi-site management under a single pane of glass.

Meraki Access Points Capabilities

Meraki access points offer high-efficiency wireless with intelligent analytics and optimization, all integrated into a secure network and managed via a central dashboard. Meraki access points offer intelligent traffic optimization, role-based segmentation, automatic upgrades, integrated security, easy scalability, and much more. Their robust capabilities and easy configuration make them ideal or even the most demanding environments.

With Meraki access points, users enjoy better connectivity with future-proof wireless technology.

Intelligent, High-Performing Wireless

Meraki access points continuously analyze and adapt to wireless environments to optimize WiFi performance, accounting for utilization and signal data from Meraki and non-Meraki access points. From the Meraki dashboard, IT teams can access real-time troubleshooting tools, user analytics, traffic shaping data and intrusion prevention activity.

Enterprise-Class Security
Meraki access points include enterprise-class security features and policies. Every MR device comes with a built-in stateful policy L3/L7 firewall, 802.1X/RADIUS support and native Active Directory integration. They’ll allow you to segment users, applications and devices, and allow for a guest-access firewall that provides a secure, internet-only guest access channel.

Meraki access points streamline access for mobile and BYOD devices without sacrificing security. Secure tracking and support for user-owned devices are built into MR devices, making endpoint management easier than ever. You can even distinguish between device type, operating system and manufacturer, and create device-specific policies that can include

Network Assurance
With the Meraki dashboard, IT teams can view access points at multiple sites all at once. And with Meraki Wireless health, a heuristics engine that accompanies every MR device, they can quickly identify and remediate issues, easily plan for scaling and optimize network performance.

Hardware Overview

So, what’s actually in a Meraki access point?

There are several models within the MR family that meet different business needs. Some are designed for indoor use, while some are ruggedized to meet outdoor conditions. All of them, however, include:

  • Self-learning application-aware traffic analytics.
  • Self-configuring capabilities for easy deployment.
  • Integrated security.
  • 11ax MU-MIMO; up to eight spatial streams built for voice and video.
  • Automatic firmware upgrades.
  • Automatic alerts for power loss, downtime or changes.
  • Self-healing, zero-configuration mesh.
  • Indoor models include dedicated radio for security and RF optimization.

Some Meraki access points are WiFi 6 compatible, and density and coverage vary to meet different environments’ needs.

Why Meraki?

Cisco Meraki is technology that simply works. Meraki devices are designed to be easy to deploy, integrate and manage. All Meraki products are network-connected, highly secure, fully cloud-managed, quick to deploy and compatible with one another.

For businesses already using other Cisco Meraki products, Meraki access points will integrate seamlessly with your other devices. For businesses new to Meraki, getting started couldn’t be easier.

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