5 Advantages of Off-Site Storage for Small Businesses

Keeping critical business information on site instead of in private or cloud-based storage is no longer practical and can lead to severe ramifications in the event of a disaster like hardware failure, power outages, and more. According to the National Archives & Records Administration in Washington D.C, 93% of companies that lost access to data for ten days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year.

One way to mitigate the risk of potential data loss is to leverage off-site storage. This type of storage refers to keeping both archived and active business records in a private data center outside of your organization or in a cloud storage solution. Beyond risk mitigation, there are other benefits to off-site storage, including scalability, cost savings, and accessibility.


Utilizing a cloud data storage solution is an excellent option for companies looking to scale their storage capacity. With this type of storage, businesses aren’t paying for over-provisioned storage solutions; instead, they only pay for what they need. Cloud storage resources can be scaled up or down by the provider with ease, ensuring you never run out of space for your critical data.

Cost Savings

With off-site storage, businesses can leverage SaaS companies’ infrastructure, managed service providers, and more. This offers substantial cost savings over keeping storage in-house because there is no need to front the storage environment’s initial setup.

Additionally, because of off-site storage solutions’ scalability, particularly cloud initiatives, businesses are not required to pay for more resources than they need.

Enhanced Security

Security is another major plus when it comes to off-site storage. Whether in the cloud or hosted at a provider’s data center, there is no single point of failure for your most important business information. Most solutions backup data to multiple servers, meaning that if one source becomes compromised, a backup from an alternate source can be restored for business continuity. This is the general idea behind Data Protection as a Service, a growing trend in IT security.


When utilizing cloud storage solutions, it opens up employees’ ability to securely access data outside of the office. With this type of off-site data storage, remote staff or those traveling can quickly and easily access the information they need on the go without compromising network security.

Managed Storage Services

Perhaps the most practical reason to shift to off-site storage is the fact that a team of data storage professionals will manage it. Whether hosted in a data center or the cloud, managed service providers take away the burden of managing data storage, addressing hardware failures, and monitoring capacity limits.

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