OUR Team

3RT Networks is led by:

Jim Costello

Jim Costello is CEO of Lynxx Networks and President of 3RT Networks. He has 40 years of  experience in the industry, and has led the company 17 of those years, overseeing the growth and expansion of Lynxx Networks, including the acquisition of 3RT Networks.

Tracy Tobin

Tracy Tobin is the Vice President of Operations at 3RT Networks. Hailing from 
La Crosse, WI, Tracy has been with 3RT Networks since the company opened its doors in 2007. He has a combined 24 years of experience in the IT industry.

Chris Borgen

Chris Borgen is the Vice President of Finance for 3RT Networks. Originally from La Crosse, WI, he has been with 3RT Networks since 2008. Chris has an extensive background in the technology industry, having worked for tech companies since 1998.

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